Ring Finger, Karma, and Rainbow Body

Your Ring finger can be divided into three portions by the lines drawn on it. (Author: Vidur Mishra)

(1)The first portion of the ring finger, from the tip onwards – Carries lifetimes of experiences. Everything is in this. Everything is written into this, whether you touch here or here or here (gestures), every bit, every milli, milli, a millimeter is rich with life. Every micromillimeter is different. There is a whole lot of sadhana for this. If you just know how to handle your ring finger like you handle a computer mouse, you can scroll all your lifetimes just right here. If you have mastery over it, you can do miraculous things to yourself and to the external situation.

(2) The second portion of your ring finger has elaborate details of your prarabdha.

(3)The base digit can be used to predict future possibilities, based on the past accumulations of karma and the present expressions of the prarabdha.” – Sadhguru

My Notes:

1) The ring finger is called “Anamika” in Sanskrit. Anamika means “nameless.” It is the nameless key (hidden in plain sight) to access the cosmos encoded/recapitulated within the human system. With mastery over this nameless key, you can switch on, off, and between various “experiential inner dimensions” of your mind-body-energy system at will anytime.

2) This explains the existence of so many mudras (hand seals) in Yoga/Tantra to use/modulate/orient the human mind-body-energy system in all kinds of subtle powerful ways by just manipulating fingers in various super precise ways.

3) In certain Rainbow Body practices (in which the physical body completely dematerializes into the pure light-energy form without leaving any physical trace at the time of transcending samsara) done by most advanced fast-paced practitioners (which have been very rare throughout history), one focuses on the subtle energy enveloping the fingers, especially the ring finger, as the final step before dematerializing the entire body in an instant once and for all. Before that final step focusing on fingers, there are other specific kinds of sadhana that need to be done intensely for many years. In Dzogchen Buddhism, Rainbow Body is called “Jalu” in Tibetan and “Sambhogakaya” (Bliss Enjoyment Body) in Sanskrit. In some Shaivite traditions, Rainbow Body is known by various names such as Sambhogakaya (Bliss Enjoyment Body), Divya Deha (Divine Body), Jyoti Deha (Light Body), Gnana Deha (Intelligence Body), Kaya Siddhi (Body Siddhi), etc.

4) There is a specific relation between the thumb and the ring finger. Normally, we don’t want the two to touch each other as it disperses/releases subtle energy in an undesirable manner if you don’t have conscious mastery over the process. Only in certain use cases and practices, the two are consciously touched. Rishi Agastya’s Nadi Astrology also makes use of thumb impressions to identify the matching palm leaves (which Yogis used to record their findings/realizations) containing a specific blueprint to figure out details of one’s past birth, history/details of current birth, future possibilities (weak and strong) of current birth, the tentative birth in which Mukti (liberation from samsara) will occur, and remedies to adjust/fix the karma of those future possibilities. These Nadi palm leaves contain the content of many lifetimes of many beings (extending way ahead into the future) that were supposedly foreseen/recorded by certain sages like most ancient Rishi/Siddha Agastya, one of the seven sages (first disciples) of the First Guru/Yogi Shiva. A decent number of these palm leaves were destroyed, displaced, or sold in an auction, but many are still preserved and used by Nadi astrologers of Tamil Nadu to give quite accurate details of one’s past-present-future across multiple lifetimes. Rishi Agastya was an unparalleled Yogi who excelled and gave rise to various Ancient Indian fields of Yoga, Linguistics, Literature, Astrology, Martial Arts, Mathematics, Music, and many many more. He was also a Sahasra Avadhani, meaning he could do 1008 complex things at once at any given moment. His mind was equal to 1008 genius minds. He was considered a being of super super super transcendental consciousness (can’t stress enough his superbness which makes the best modern Yogis look like a hair in comparison) who saw the entire general past-present-future of whole existence and approximately foresaw the many lifetimes of many lifeforms way before in time.

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