Strength is life & Weakness is death

Author: Shivashankar Rao
Date: 7/29/2019
Bangalore, India

Let us try to understand Krishna’s injunction ”KARMANYEVADHIKARASTE MAA PHALESHU KADACHANA” (Seek to perform your duty; but lay not claim to its fruits).

There seems to be an anomaly and defeat of purpose in this direction of the Lord. Not an atom moves without a motive. All of us are busy either to gain some thing or to ward off something unwanted. In the absence of such motive, no action needs to be performed. But the Lord induces Arjuna not to be motivated and at the same time to be intensely active.

Yes, herein lies the turning point of life from PREYAS to SHREYAS. Good accrues from detachment and never from attachment. Karma in itself is not an evil. But it becomes so when mixed with desire. Conquerors of desire are they who care not for the fruits of karma. When duty is discharged untarnished by desire, clarity of understanding comes in. And efficiency increases. Karma therefore has to be performed PERFECTLY unmindful of the fruits thereof.

Now, coming to your particular question, Please understand that contentment in whatever is already achieved negates the urge to reach higher levels- be it material or spiritual. One should always try to reach greater heights, but if there is failure in spite of sincere efforts, then never get desperate. Remember, for any attempt to succeed, human effort has to be combined with the divine will. SHADBHIRMANUSHYA CHINTHANAM SAPTHAMAM DAIVA CHINTHANAM. After we do our part, the result is in His hands. That does not mean that He can do anything without human effort. If that could be so, He would not have motivated Arjuna to fight; He could have destroyed the Kouravas himself!

So, discontentment is the motivating force to reach heights and contentment comes in if we are not totally attached to the result.

The manifest world comprises of two categories-PURUSHA and PRAKRITHI. (The noumenon and the phenomenon).

One becomes weak to the extent one depends on the phenomenon. He becomes manly and courageous to the extent he identifies himself with the noumenon. This identification is known as Atmabodaham. Strength and Atmabodham are identical.

Weakness is condemned by Lord Krishna. NAAYAMAATMA BALAHEENENA LABHYAHA says the Veda. Krishna’s message is based on this fundamental principle. To be firm in Body, mind and character are all born of strength. Both this world and the next are all for the strong alone.

Right conduct originates from strength. Straight forwardness comes from it. Enjoyment follows. Yoga can be practiced. Attainment of MOKSHA is also enabled by this. Reaching Godhood is impossible without it. All divine traits originate from it.

In strength lies the key and the clue to all the teachings of the Lord. STRENGTH IS LIFE, WEAKNESS IS DEATH. Sreeramakrishna says, “He who is weak minded is like puffed rice soaked in milk and is good for nothing. He cannot achieve anything great. The strong is the accomplisher of every thing in life.