Becoming the very Dhara (Flow) to enlightenment and bhakthi

“Guru is the lamp in whose light one can realize truth, may that light shine upon our darkness and bring us into the ever joyous state of Brahm:anandam”

Any topic of Shastra (Śāstra) or Guru Siddhānta incorporates the tatva (core essence) about truth, and each Siddhānta might illustrate a different approach towards comprehending it. The topics on this portal are to present such essence, not with opinions but, through conscious research with references and citations from various Sanātana Ḍharma literature. As it’s said in Viveka Chudamani (Translated by Swami Prabhavananda. Isherwood, Christopher in their book “The crest jewel of discrimination”) :

“Those who echo borrowed teachings are not free from the world” 

Hence, this portal is not an opinion blog nor an effort to provider conclusions for publicity or popularity, nor to justify one scripture/Guru over another. It’s research accumulated for seekers in their quest to truth. Hence, this portal will not have ads nor promotions nor sales.

So, what is tatva (also called as tattvam)? It is the core message of literature that is inherent and illustrated with references and examples quintessential towards comprehending its concepts. In other words, tatvam is the essence whose comprehension is the true purpose of literature. The examples and analogies described are no different from our day-to-day lives, hence, are meant to help us understand various thoughts and question that dwell within. Topics like, what is Sanatana Dharma and what are its fundamentals, what is God and Ishwara(Iśvara) and Shakthi(Śakti) and Brahmān?  Why Ishwara does things the way He does? How does one reach out to Divinity? Why so many forms of Divinity? Why does one suffer and how to solve it? Where does happiness arise from? How to be devotional or develop bhakthi? Is there a previous and next life or rebirth? What is the significance of a Temple and Namaskar? What is Ḍharma & Karmā? What is the significance of women in Sanatana Dharma? What is Enlightenment or Gyana (jnana)? Who is a Guru, and so much more? These questions are fundamental for an active mind in the midst of various complexities of our reality. So, let’s dive into the core concepts of Sanātana Ḍharma and Hinduism, through various stories and references, giving us joy answering life, existence, creation and so-called purpose.

“Like the rhythmic dance of Nataraja allures the ganas, may the words of great beings bring solace and lure our minds and hearts to Iśvara and liberation”