Vedā: Rātrī

Chandas : Gāyatrī
Sage : Kuśika Saubhara/Rātrī Bhāradvājī

Audio here : Mandala 10 | Vedic Heritage Portal

The Devī Night, coming here, has glanced many-a-spot with her eyes,
She has laid on herself all the graceful beauties.

She, divine, immortal, has filled the broadness, its depths and heights,
She repels the darkness with light.

The night has set her sister dawn, as she arrived
Indeed, this darkness will depart away.

So be for us today, at you whose journey we have settled;
Like the birds that dwell in the tree.

Down have the villagers settled, down the walking and flying;
Down have even the active falcons.

Ward off the wolves, ward off the thief, you wave of Night!
Be easy for us to sail.

She, the black, fully ornamented, smeared all over with hues, has approached me, clearly;
O Dawn, settle this like debts.

O Daughter of sky, towards you have I arranged this, like cows (back to home)
Choose it for yourself, O Night, as a victor his song.