What is Rama Rajya

We all know that the personality of Bhagwan Shri Ram is the personality of the best Dharmatma. Shri Ram is called ‘Maryada Purushottam’ on the grounds that he set up the Maryada of ideal conduct for human culture.

We all have heard this term श्री राम राज्य. Yet, what precisely is Ram Rajya? Let us see-

Shri Ram Rajya is extremely renowned as an ideal kingdom. Ram Rajya is where the rajya is run by the principles of Vedas.

राम राज्य is described in Yuddha Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana. Here महर्षि वाल्मीकि depicts the significance and excellence of राम राज्य :

न पर्यदेवन्विधवा न च व्यालकृतं भयम् ।
न व्याधिजं भयन् वापि रामे राज्यं प्रशासति ॥ ६-१२८-९९

While श्री राम was ruling the kingdom, there were no widows to lament, nor there was no danger from wild animals, nor any fear born of diseases.

निर्दस्युरभवल्लोको नानर्थः कन् चिदस्पृशत् ।
न च स्म वृद्धा बालानां प्रेतकार्याणि कुर्वते ॥ ६-१२८-१००

The world was bereft of thieves and robberies. No one felt worthless nor did old people perform obsequies concerning youngsters.

सर्वं मुदितमेवासीत्सर्वो धर्मपरोअभवत् ।
राममेवानुपश्यन्तो नाभ्यहिन्सन्परस्परम् ॥ ६-१२८-१०१

Every creature felt pleased. Everyone was intent on virtue. Turning their eyes towards श्री राम alone, creatures did not kill one another.

आसन्वर्षसहस्राणि तथा पुत्रसहस्रिणः ।
निरामया विशोकाश्च रामे राज्यं प्रशासति ॥ ६-१२८-१०२

While श्री राम was ruling the kingdom, people survived for thousands of years, with thousands of their progeny, all free of illness and grief.

रामो रामो राम इति प्रजानामभवन् कथाः ।
रामभूतं जगाभूद्रामे राज्यं प्रशासति ॥ ६-१२८-१०३

While श्री राम ruled the kingdom, the talks of the people-centered round Ram, Ram, and Ram. The world became Ram’s world.

नित्यपुष्पा नित्यफलास्तरवः स्कन्धविस्तृताः ।
कालवर्षी च पर्जन्यः सुखस्पर्शश्च मारुतः ॥ ६-१२८-१०४

The trees there were bearing flowers and fruits regularly, without any injury by pests and insects. The clouds were raining in time and the wind was delightful to the touch.

ब्राह्मणाः क्षत्रिया वैश्याः शूद्रा लोभविवर्जिताः ।
स्वकर्मसु प्रवर्तन्ते तुष्ठाः स्वैरेव कर्मभिः ॥ ६-१२८-१०५
आसन् प्रजा धर्मपरा रामे शासति नानृताः ।
सर्वे लक्षणसम्पन्नाः सर्वे धर्मपरायणाः ॥ ६-१२८-१०६

Brahmans, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras were performing their own duties,

Satisfied with their own work and bereft of any greed. While Rama was ruling, the people were intent on virtue and lived without telling lies. All the people were endowed with excellent characteristics. All were engaged in virtue.

What better proof of the strength of character and resilience does one need! मर्यादा पुरुषोत्तम श्री राम is indeed the king of kings. He reigns supreme in our minds and hearts.

Rule of श्री राम as King of Ayodhya, everybody was blessed with all auspicious qualities, Dharma, harmony, prosperity, and ecstasy.

Note: Images are from Google Images.

Author: Undisclosed but permission granted for posting.

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