What is Pravachan(am)

What is Pravachan / Pravachanam

Pravachanam in Sanatana Dharm(a) is a verbal discourse on Shastra(m) or on a Guru Siddhanta(m) (an approach or discipline taught by a Guru) of Sanatana Dharm(a) and never to be interpreted as preaching. Pravachanam is not a career or profession nor is it a business. It’s when devotees or well-wishers of society, especially elders, reach out to a devoted scholar and urge to help understand a specific topic in Shastra(m) through a verbal discourse, including the life and teachings of a Guru. Pravachanams are usually, but not limited to, are performed on auspicious days and on auspicious grounds like temple premises and/or during an auspicious event. Such discourse could last for few hours or divided across many days. One of the reasons why older temples of Sanatana Dharm(a) were immense in design to encompass not just the visit of the prime deity but also to perform various religious events like schooling of vyakaran(am) (grammar and vocabulary), marriages, cultural events, festivities, pravachanams and more. The topic of discourse is usually an account from Shastra(m) (including Purana(m)s) are chanted or read from its respective text followed by its explanation. The explanation encompasses various references from other texts from Shastra(m) to help viewers and listeners of all backgrounds, to better understand its tatva(m) (essence) and meaning. The primary purpose of pravachanam is to help people of all backgrounds to understand Shastra(m) though Purana(m), or Guru Siddhanta(m) so that it can help uplift human consciousness and allow man to face tough days with confident, and good days with gratitude towards Ishwar(a).