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An Author, Researcher, Translator, Vedic Prodigy and more.

My grandparents were very supportive throughout my journey. My first introduction to epic stories was through my grandfather who used to tell me stories. Later, I read the Purāṇas and epics in my childhood just to tell stories to my paternal grandmother who loved to hear them and would leave all her usual chores just for that. So I was deeply interested in Sanskrit and since the time I picked it up from the śloka-collecting hobby I had, I tried to write ślokas of my own. My grandmother used to chant my ślokas. When I told about the problems with Rāma or Kṛṣṇa I found in Purāṇas, she used to patiently hear and without compromising her bhakti, used to trust me and agree with me that some stories are indeed out of the way. I was not an iconoclast, and my job ended when I could convey to her my conclusions and ideas. She was the closest to me in my life – I could share anything with her. My paternal grandfather wanted me to learn Vedic verses after my upanayanam, and he was very happy that I took an interest in learning and analyzing verses. He used to be proud of me. In his last moments, while gasping for breath, I had the great fortune to be with him, and chant Rudram when he requested me to.

My maternal grandfather was a great reader, a much spiritual person also interested in philosophy. It is with him that I had sessions of philosophical discussions, discussions on the values of stories. I surprised him in childhood by explaining the first verse of lalitā sahasranāma as Lalitā mentioned in three guṇas. Since then, he used to respect my discussion, my points despite the fact that I was still a child. We both read and discussed several scriptures, several Purāṇas, and itihāsas. He was also proud of me interpreting Veda sūktas, and encouraged me till he passed away.

My grandparents have been the greatest blessing in my life. My parents didn’t care much about my preachings or conclusions. (except that I should not refuse to go to a temple when they visit, which of course I don’t mind) There are certain relatives who may be irritated, but none has said to me anything face-to-face. And what they say doesn’t matter to me in the first place.

A graduate in electrical and electronics engineering[1] and student of actuarial studies from Kerala, who loves analytical information, art, languages, history and spirituality. Now working as service analyst in ARS Traffic and transport technology.

Believes in writing answers from an original viewpoint that needs to be politically unbiased and yet not factually dishonest, and which is a condensed product of researches conducted all these years.

Published poet. Writes poems in English, Malayalam, Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit, fond oflanguages.[2][3]

Sanskrit,[4] Tamil and Malayalam[5] are my mother tongues. Literate in the above, and also Hindi, Farsi, Urdu,[6]English. Can try to comprehend Avestan. Can comprehend many Indian languages and some European languages. Indo European[7] linguistic and history enthusiast. Still learning languages.

Read most of the Hindu[8] and Abrahamic scriptures,[9] but feels resonant with theVedas[10]. Trying for expertise in hermeneutics of Vedas, Indo Aryan prehistory,[11][12]and being a successful Vedic seeker. Writes on religious issues[13].

Philosophy[14] is the melody of my life.

Fond of melodious music[15], composes in Indian music style[16], esp. the Carnatic classical music[17] and tries to sing them in small concerts. Plays keyboard and yea play with violin. Trying to get expertise in the theory of Indian classical music, the qualitative effect of ragas, the effective way of utilizing ragas, through self-research.

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