How to celebrate birthday as per Hindu

How does one celebrate their birthday as per Hindu (Sanatana Dharam) tradition?

As per Shastra there is a specific way to celebrate one’s birthday.

1. Identify your date and time of birth, compare it with the Hindu calendar of your birth year and find 3 things, the Masa = like Ashadamasa or Kartikamasa (there are 12 masas) , Thidhi: the day or moon phase meaning Ekadashi/Dwadashi (there are 15 increments and 15 decrements so find if you were you born during increment or decrements, the first half of each masa is increment and next half is decrementing). Each year be aware of when this celestial combination will occur.

2. Get up early, clean up, and let your mother or grandmother or sister, or wife apply sesame oil to your head and spine. If possible to your hands and shoulders and massage them by singing songs. Put kumkum on your forehead and harata to you. Finally, take their blessing.

3. Take a bath, and perform your daily Nitya karma (like sandhya vandanam or pooja to Kula Deva or Ista Deva). After Nitya karma, you have to chant the names of 7 immortals (Chiranjeevi) as a sloka. Which are “Aswadhama, Bali, Vyaso, Hanuman cha Vibhishanaha, Kripacharya, Parashuramaha”. By chanting think about them and their greatness and character. After that create a combination of Cow milk, black sesame seeds, and jaggery in a small glass (mix them), sit or stand facing East, and silently consume it three times by pouring little by little in your right palm.

4. Wear newly washed clothes, and take blessings from your Guru, parents, and elders.

5. Visit your nearest consecrated place like a temple and offer your gratitude and meditate (dhyana).

6. Have yourself or your family prepare a good pranic meal and sweets for that day.

7. Maintain celibacy (brahmacharya) on that day.

8. As per one’s capacity make anonymous donations. And visit a cow shed and give food to a cow, like vegetables and fresh grass.

9. Finally, this day is a day of gratitude, contemplation, and joy. Spend it in the presence of family, Guru, and loved ones with joy and fulfillment. And do not waste time on meaningless rituals.