How do Yogis/Mystics operate in the normal affairs of the world?

What does Sadhguru mean when he talks about “All inclusiveness”? Being a Yogi/Mystic, how can he operate in the normal affairs of the world like everyone else? Do the Yoga Sutras and earlier Yogis talk about this?

Let’s take one of The Best Books on Yoga Sutras, Science of Yoga. by I. K. Taimni published in 1975, which says the following:

“Consciousness progressively expands as it passes through different stages of Samadhi (Samadhi is a process of incremental expansion) it does not mean that these states of consciousness are separate from each other by water-tight compartments and the lower aspects of the object disappear when the higher come into view. Many students feel confused because they suffer from a common misconception about the functioning of consciousness in the higher world. They think for example, that when the Yogi passes into the world of the higher mind he lives solely in a world of abstract ideas, archetypes, and principles with no objects having names and forms with which he has been familiar. Such a world of pure abstractions would be an impossible world to live in and does not exist anywhere as the experiences of all mystics and occultists testify. The higher always includes and enriches the lower thought it also enables the lower to be seen in its correct perspective. What was considered important may now appear unimportant or what was considered insignificant may now assume tremendous significance, and vice versa, but everything is there within the expanded consciousness, and the Yogi does not, therefore, feel he has entered into a strange and incomprehensible world. On the other hand, every expansion of consciousness makes him see greater richness, beauty, and significance in everything which is within the range and his perception. Expansion of consciousness means INCLUSIVE of more and more and exclusion of nothing.