Sri Ram’s Love for Sita

Valmiki Ramayana vividly describes Rama’s love for Sita, a thorough reading of the grand epic is enough to dispel doubts in the minds of those who doubt their love for each other.

Indeed, we have heard priests blessing the couple to be as understanding as Rama and Sita, but here we are in 21st century where everything seems to have been reduced into gender fights, caste agendas and what not.

People blame Rama for the alleged Uttara Kanda but even a single google search will reveal that the oldest manuscript of Ramayana doesn’t have Uttara Kanda. From various traditionalists to anti-Rama scholars, everyone believes that Valmiki is not the original author of Uttara Kanda.

I have seen people saying disgusting things like Sita’s life was a tragedy, this is really laughable, even if we go by the composition, Valmiki writes in Yuddha Kanda that Rama after returning from Lanka, along with his relatives (which includes Devi Sita-his Queen consort too) performed various Vedic yajanas (Ashwamedha yajans and other vedic sacrifices) and they enjoyed Kingship for 10, 000 years.

A whooping 10, 000 years !! You see, if people never passed any judgements on Sita even after she sitting along with King Rama in every Yajana, then who the hell started questioning her after 10, 000 years, this is really laughable.

The only time period in which Sita suffered was the time period (10 months) she was held as captive in Lanka, but why do we forget- Was Rama enjoying his life during that time?

Every time Sita cried and suffered in Lanka, Rama cried twice for her, he too suffered equally if not more.

Let’s not forget he was a royal prince, he kept on searching for her, walking barefooted over the entire sub-continent, we didn’t have Google maps in Treta Yuga, if at all Sita was just any other lady for him (you know a mere pawn) he could have stopped the search, returned back to Ayodhya, told everyone-”Hey some demon killed/took my wife, but no worries, who cares I’m a King, my father had 350 wives, princesses are dying to marry me, let me find another wife or wives, LOL-there will be no Ramayana at all!!

Did this hurt you? I can’t tell how much people are trying hard to demonize Sri Rama, they say women were treated as mere objects/they were property or slaves of men, Gosh !!

The level of insanity scares me off, think , how can a man who considered women as objects/property (it pains me to write this word), move on in search of his wife, cry like a madman (men don’t cry mentality wasn’t there in Treta yuga, Rama was not toxically masculine by any means) and then collaborate with vanaras, fight a deadly war in which he and his brother could have lost his life??

Isn’t this enough to show how dedicated a husband should be towards his wife??

Then comes another gang who says women were pleasure material for men in those days, more number of wives means more number of women serving them, I have seen people here ranting non-sense like chastity is only for women, men can get as many number of women as they want, they were not punished for adultery, LOL.

Our anti-feminist (sorry to use this word) Sri Rama never even looked into the eyes of other women, forget about marrying them.

Let me get it straight, people say Naari Dharma is addressed in epics many times, but not even once we have seen someone teaching Patnivrata Dharma, even if we believe that it is clear there was no obligation for Rama to stick to one wife, there was not even a single pressure of society on him to show extreme concern, love, grief and even symptoms of depression after his wife was taken away from him(LOL don;t take this seriously, we see in modern times how will you describe a person who stops eating, doesn’t get sleep, even if he sleeps, he immediately gets up shouting name of his lost wife-Lo behold Sita Sita !! He didn’t took care of his royal handsomeness/beauty (LOL), stopped enjoying life altogether after her abduction.

In addition this, there was no obligation for him for him to stop adorning himself in absence of his wife (I think some texts say this is prescribed for a Pativrata women), there was no societal pressure (as many say texts extol only Dharma of patni to pati) for him to openly declare in front of his younger brother how much he loved his consort that he will commit suicide (yes you heard it right) if he doesn’t see his wife there and then).

There are intellectuals who rant non-sense based on Rama’s utterances in Yuddha Kanda that he indeed was doubting her, answer this first, why will he bloody hell fight to rescue her and cry like a madman for her if he indeed doubted her conjugal fidelty??

Just before few days of the end of war, Indrajeet cut head of illusory Sita (he used his magical powers), after Hanuman saw this, he informed everyone, Rama on hearing this fell unconscious, yes !! this happened during war, Indrajeet even knew weakness of Rama better than bullshit scholars/intellectuals who bash Rama day and night for not being loving of his wife??

What’s more, he literally behaved like how a typical Pativrata woman of 17th century on hearing demise of her husband-falling unconscious and yes this is the same thing our damn patriarch Rama did??

Just read that portion, he could not comprehend words being said by his army men to console him and to tell him the truth that Sita is till alive, he took some time and after he got his senses back he could understand what was happening around really.

If Rama wasn’t fighting for Sita’s sake, if he indeed didn’t love her, if he indeed was doing it for the clan’ honor, then what’s the need to overreact when he heard alleged news of demise of his wife??

The only and only reason that became cause for destruction of Ravana and his clan for Rama’s love for Sita and here I am discussing in 21st century sitting in my A.C room measuring how much Rama loved her? Whether he was a misogynist, Gosh?? Is this how much misogynists love a woman that he would better wish to die in a blo*dy war. then go back and enjoy kingship without her?

If Ramayana doesn’t teach how to be a perfect Ekapatnivrata and that too in true sense ( being committed to one wife by one’s word, deed, vision and one’s soul), then which story will teach you, only God knows??

Let’’s remember there was no societal expectations from Rama to preserve his chastity (this is for misguided liberals who rant day and night that ancient India forced concept of chastity solely for women, while men went on kidnapping multiple women, polygamy was rampant too), he could have easily enjoyed his life, keeping a big royal harem, why fight and jeopardize your for the sake of mere woman !! why get a whole new bridge built connecting two countries (LOL) for the sake of a woman and then take the whole blame of so called Agni Pariskha(actually Agni Pravesh) (to be labelled as a miso*nit by generations to come). If in reality your patriarch Rama had any type of ill doubts about his wife, then why didn;t he ask Hanuman directly-Is she still chaste? Why did he ask first about Sita (then about Ravana’s army or location and other such details that he will be useful for war), why didn’t he express his intention of giving up on his wife there and then??

Hanuman tells Rama-”Sita informed me that she can’t survive more than one month without Rama”, then do you know what your patriarch Rama said-”he says if Sita says she can survive one month without him, she is very strong, for me, I can;t live even one moment without her”. Is this how miso*ist and dominating/doubting husbands behave?

Rama knew that the filthy minds will talk shit about integrity of his wife, he acted as one among the public and set her free after the war, he gave enough hints to Sita about his intentions.

He told her indirectly that-You are a pure, blemishless as light, blemish is not in you, it is in my own eyes which are trying to look at you the way the blo*dy judgemental society will look at you tomorrow if I doesn;t behave like this now.

Doesn’t your shitty scholars still disucss in their A.C rooms that whether Sita lu*ted after Ravana (sorry to use this word), how may articles/vulgara questions are there on this platform asking -Did Ravana ra *e Sita or why didn’t he harm her, people with such filthy mindset passed their judgements on women back in that era too just like do they now, what’s wrong your partriarch Rama did by acting like he disowned her (in reality he never did), indeed he did what any loving husband would do, to shift the judgemental/suspicous eyes of the public standing over there on him, he tried to look harsh towards his wife, he shifted the attention of the perverted minds to his own cruel conduct, if this isn;t love, then what is love??

Even in west, your Caesar rejected his wife saying-”My wife should be above suspicion, her chastity shouldn’t even be a topic of discussion”, till date we use this idiom to show how leaders/organizations should have a clean image in front of everyone, how their conduct should be beyond any shadow of doubt, if Sri Rama does that, then why he gets abu*ed by so called liberals, have you ever given a thought to this?

Rama just shifted the blame on himself for the welfare of Sita so that she doesn’t face filthy questioning from her own people later (about what Ravana did or did not do to her), will Rama love to take back Sita directly to Ayodhya when still the perverted minds give suspicious looks to conduct of his wife, will it be fine for him to see Sita being looked down upon and not being duly honoured during her coronation ceremony (with perverted commoners laughing, talking ill about her stay in Ravana’s captivity who used to literally keep harem of naked women as per Valmiki Ramayana.

It is beyond any doubt that Kings in those times weren’t suppoosed to pass judgments on their wife/relatives and they were not allowed to speak for their kith and kin, in order to silence the perverted minds, if he just declared I know my wife, then he would be accused of favourtism.

That’s why Rama wanted Sita to take stand for herself.

It is only to silence the filthy minds that this portion of Agni Pravesh was enacted in Ramayana, indeed if people can twist and turn Rama’s story to demonize him in the 21st century, can’t they do the same with Sita back in Treta yuga, can’t the commoners extrapolate Rama’s acceptance of Sita after war to justify their own misdeeds (here you must note Rama knew the kind of task he has accomplished will give rise to blind cult following).

Those people who rant non-sense about Rama today (without knowing anything about him with their prejudices and false theories) are same as those who gave suspicious looks to Sita when she walked in front of everyone looking fresh and radiant after having lived in captivity of demon for 10 months).

Those who despise Rama can not dare question Sita, thanks to our patriarch Rama who took all blame on himself, who wanted to establish Sita’s glory at the cost of his own honor.

Just as Sita sacrificed her glories (she threatened Ravana in Sundara Kanda that she can reduce him into ashes by her Tapo bala but she knows Ravana was destined to be killed by Rama) by not killing Ravana directly (then being labeled as meek/helpless who had to be rescued by her lord for generations to come), same way Rama sacrificed and choose to misrepresent his love for Sita (for whom he crossed an ocean) and choose to be called as a cruel husband by generations to come, only to ensure that Sita does not face any filthy comments/questions//weired looks by his own people).

You see, both sacrificed equally for each other.

Every time Rama is abu*ed by your pseud-intellectuals, he saves his own beloved from a slander by generations to come, he prevented generations to discuss his wife’s conduct or chastity by any means).

Let us not blame Rama and Sita for Agni Pravesh, if you want to blame or change someone-its you yes you the society. I have literally seen a guy on quora who misinterprets whole Ramayana in kaliyuga to prove how our Mother Sita had feelings for a blo*dy demon, God knows such people exist even now too, what to say of Treat yuga??

Rama and Sita, I repeat were perfect human being, they were beyond any doubt the most understanding couple, but remember they were perfect beings in an “imperfect world” and that’s what Raamayan is about-How to uphold a sublime conduct despite of being surrounded by some morons too.

Let me quote some verses too from Valmiki Ramayana describing the divine love between Rama and Sita.

Without whom I am disinclined to live even for a moment, oh, valiant one, such a Seetha who in simile is like the daughter of deities and who is my life-force, where is she? [3-58-4]

I am unambitious for the rulership either on heavens or on the earth, oh, Lakshmana, without the daughter of Janaka whose aspect glisters like gold. [3-58-5]

Vaidehi who is dearer to me than my lives, will she be alive somehow! Oh, valiant Lakshmana, this peregrination of mine, will it not become futile, someway! [3-58-6]

When I am dead for the sake of Seetha and when you get back to Ayodhya lonesomely,…

If Seetha, the princess from Videha, does not chat with me as before smiling gleefully on my arrival at the hermitage, oh, Lakshmana, I really breath my last. [3-58-10]

Though he searched effortfully for his dear Seetha he did not get her, and as his anguish is reddening his eyes the appearance of that glorious one seems to be that of a madman. [3-60-10]

Rama ran speedily from tree to shrub, from hill to hillock, from river to rivulet, and revolving around them he wailed for Seetha, as he is inundated in a sludgy ocean of woes. [3-60-11]

“Oh, Kadamba tree, seest thou someone a lady who is lover of Kadamba flowers, one with a lovable face and a love of mine, thou tellest me if thou knowest. [3-60-12]

Rama has gone on asking trees like mango, niipa, massive saala, jack-fruit, kuruva, dhava, and even around daaDima, bakula, punnaaga, sandalwood, ketaka trees, and when he is running around them that highly glorious Rama appeared like a madman. [3-60-21, 22]

Really Lakshmana, I will not live long without Seetha, indeed I am enveloped in high anguish caused by the abduction of Seetha, and this alone will become a murderer.”

विवशम् शोक संतप्तम् दीनम् भग्न मनोरथम् || ३-६१-९

माम् इह उत्सृज्य करुणम् कीर्तिः नरम् इव अन्ऋजुम् |

क्व गच्चसि वरारोहे मा मोत्सृज्य – मा मा उत्सृज्य – सुमध्यमे || ३-६१-१०

त्वया विरहितः च अहम् त्यक्ष्ये जीवितम् आत्मनः |

“Anguish seared and bewildered me and I am woebegone with broken down buoyancy, and oh, beautiful lady, jilting such an woeful one as I am, where you are going now, as with prestige jilting a prevaricator? And if you shun me I will have to shun my life…” Thus Rama bewailed imaging her right in his front and running away. [3-61-9b, 10, 11a]

“Hence, Lakshmana, you go back to that auspicious city Ayodhya forsaking me in forests, because I have no existence without Seetha, isn’t it! [3-62-14b, 15a]

"All this sadness of mine has silenced physically and there is some peace on coming to these desolate forests, in association of Seetha, but with the dissociation of Seetha misery is again upshot, as with fire which flares up in a flash when fuel is added... [3-63-6]

“Whether she is abducted, or even if she is killed, oh, Soumitri, if the gods are not going to give back my Seetha I will now jeopardise these worlds with my arrows… [3-64-69b, 70a]

Hey, I request the pseudo-intellectuals to open their eyes and read the above verse again, here we have personified Savitri (who brought her dead husband from Yamraj) in the form of a man -Yes Maryadda Purshottam Rama who would even fight with Gods (including the great Yamraj) to get back his wife Sita.

Sheer insanity isn’t it??

Pativratas (Devout wifes) devotion looks insane from point of view of modern era, but I bet after you read Valmiki Ramaayan, you would say -Sanatana Dharma is indeed blessed to have atleast one personality about whom we can boast of being a true Patnivrata, who literally became a lunatic and showcased divine love, devotion, dedication and reverence for his wife in real life.

Such behavior is very unexpected from men, indeed !!

His monogamy is not your third-grade on paper monogamy of 21st century (hope you get my point, I hope the reader is intelligent enough).

LOL And people in 21st century have guts to call him anti-feminist/women oppressor and what not.

"If my ladylove is not returned indeed in a fine fettle as she was before my running after Golden Deer, I will be annihilating the triad of world in its entirety, together with its mobile and sessile beings, and I will be sweltering the entire universe with my arrows as long as I am not going to get a glimpse of her." Thus Rama gave a vent to his feelings. [3-64-70b, 71a]

If that princess of Mithila, who has suavely and toothy smiles and who causes irreproachability to my character if only I can have a glimpse of her, is not returned to me in fine fettle as she was when she was with me, then I will countermove whole of this universe together with its gods, immortals, humans, florae and faunas, mountains and waters… and whatnot…” [3-64-77]

Hanuman ji says to Mata Sita:

Sri Rama said: Ever since I have been separated from you, Sita, everything to me has become its very reverse. The fresh and tender leaves on the trees look like tongues of fire; nights appear as dreadful as the night of final dissolution and the moon scorches like the sun. Beds of lotuses are like so many spears planted on the ground, while rain-clouds pour boiling oil as it were. Those that were friendly before have now become tormenting; the cool, soft and fragrant breezes are now like the breath of a serpent. One’s agony is assuaged to some extent even by speaking of it; but to whom shall I speak about it? For there is no one who will understand. The reality about the chord of love that binds you and me, dear, is known to my soul alone; and my soul ever abides with you. Know this to be the essence of my love.”

Let’s see how Sita his wife praises him. Definitely, no one knows Rama better than his own wife Sita.

“How much more, if he is renowned for his virtues, compassionate, master of my heart, who is ever affectionate, a religious person, manifests the tenderness of a mother and father to me.”

Valmiki Ramayana, 2–117–4

“The valiant and pious Rama who is devoted to Dashratha and free from all sense of importance treats all those women as his mothers on whom Dashratha has even once bestowed a single glance.”

Valmiki Ramayana, 2–117–6

See how big a miso*ist he is that he manifests tenderness of a mother and father to Sita and treats all those women as his mothers on whom Dashratha has even once bestowed a single glance.

Sita’s own words for Rama-

The habit of telling specious words is not there with you in the past nor it will be there in future, oh, Raghava, then wherefrom the virtue-ruining desire for other’s women can be there…[3–9–4b,5a]

“Oh, king, earlier this vile desire for other’s women is absent in you, nor it is there now, unobserved is such a desire in any corner of your heart oh, prince, for you are always interested in your own wife… [3–9–5,6]

Though he searched effortfully for his dear Seetha he did not get her, and his anguish is reddening his eyes the appearance of that glorious one seems to be that of a madman.

Valmiki Ramayana, 3–60–10

“Oh lotus-eyed lady, infact I have seen you my dear, then why this running away and concealing yourself under the trees, why do not you reply me….. 3–60–26

“Stay…stay… oh, best lady, don’t you have mercy on me? You are not unacceptably tease-humored! What for you ignore me? 3–60–27

Also, that hearty Rama who permeated into the heart of Seetha is enclosed in Seetha’s heart alone, and he disported for many seasons along with Seetha.

Valmiki Ramayana, 1–77–25b,26a

Seetha has become the beloved of Rama as she is wedded with the assent of his father Dasarath, further Rama’s love for Seetha burgeoned by virtue of Seetha own’s virtues and loveliness.

Valmiki Ramayana, 1–77–26b,27a

“This auspicious woman could not give ways to sovereignty, existing in the gynaecium of Ravana, in as much as Seetha is nondifferent from me, even as sunlight is not different from the Sun.”

Valmiki Ramayana, 6–118–19

And when Hanuman came to Lanka. Sita narrated him a incident that happened with her long ago, when she was staying at the Chitrakuta Mountain with Ram.

“There is a place inhabitated by sages at a hillock in the north-eastern It was bountiful with roots fruits and water. In that place while we were residing in the hermitage of sages, on a day long ago, we were strolling in water in parts of groves with various kinds of flowers of perfumes in that hillock, You thereupon became went and sat at my proximity.” [12,13,14]

“Then, a crow, yearning for meat meat, began to peck me. Picking up a clod of earth, I prevented the crow from its act.” [15]

Pecking me again and again, the crow was hiding there only. That crow yearning for food, did not resign from meat. [16]

“While I was angry with that bird, my skirt was slipping and I was pulling its string (so as to tighten it). I was seen by you then.” [17]

“Moved by anger, I felt abashed for being laughed at by you. Torn down by the crow, which was yearning for food, I sought shelter with you.” [18]

Then Ram consoled his dear wife Seetha.

“Feeling tired, I again settled on your lap. As though angry, I was consoled by you and I was fully delighted.” [19]

“Slowly wiping my eyes, my face filled with tears, I was seen by you, O lord, as having been annoyed by the crow.” [20]

And then Sita also slept for a Long time on Ram’s Lap.

I slept for a long time on Rama’s Lap because of my fatigue. In his turn, Rama the elder brother of Bharat slept in my arms. [21]

“Meanwhile, the same appeared there. Descending all of a sudden, the crow clawed me at the space between the breasts, even as I awoke from my sleep and rose from the lap of Rama. Flying up again, it tore me up a lot.” [22,23]

“Then, Rama got wet by the discharged drops of blood. Thereafter, that splendorous Rama, the annihilator of enemies, who was in a pleasant slumber, was woken up by that crow and me who was grievously tormented by the crow.” [24]

“That longed-armed Rama, seeing me pierced violently on the breasts, then spoke the following words, hissing like a angry serpent.” [25]

“O Seetha the round-thighed woman! Who has wounded the space between your breasts? Who is playing with the fire-faced serpent filled with fury?” [26]

“Then, throwing a glance around, Rama saw that crow with its sharp claws moistened with blood and sitting in front of me alone.” [27]

“That crow the best among bird, seems to be the son of Indra the Lord of celestial, staying in mountains and moving with the speed equal to the wind. [28]

Then Rama taking a Blade of Kusa grass, employed it to work with Brahma missile and shoot it at the crow, then while the grass blade was chasing him, he went flying in many a way, Seeing for protection, he roamed all three worlds but non give him protection and even his father Indra also didn’t protect him, so finally he seeks refuge in Rama, as he is now surrendering, so can’t be killed and also the Brahma missile can not be wasted, so Rama shoot on the right eye of that crow.

Valmiki Ramayana, Sundara Kanda, Chapter 38

“Seetha who stays in the forest, take refuge in the arms of Rama and hence does not give Herself to fear, even by seeing an elephant or a lion or a tiger.”

Valmiki Ramayana, 2–60–20

And Seetha on seeing her husband, the eliminator of enemies and accorder of happiness to sages, embraced her husband Rama, rejoicingly.

“Oh, queen! I do not relish even heaven while you are in grief. There is indeed no fear whatsoever to me, like the god of Brahma.

Valmiki Ramayana, 2–30–27

“Oh, Seetha with the auspicious face! Eventhough I am able to protect you, without knowing your entire opinion, I do not like to take you to the forest.”

Valmiki Ramayana, 2–30–28

Appropriate and seemly is your word of caution to your bloodline, oh graceful, Seetha you are the co-pursuer in dharma with me, hence you are loftier to me than my own lives…” so said Rama to Seetha.

Valmiki Ramayana, 4–10–21b,c

Janaka’s daughter Seetha on seeing the hordes of demons eliminated, and also observing her husband is also scatheless, she is all smiles for him smiling sniggeringly.

Valmiki Ramayana, 3–30–40

After hearing that Indrajit had killed Sita (actually that was an illusionary Sita) But what was his reaction after hearing that his beloved wife Sita is dead.

Hearing those words of Hanuman, Rama then was agitated with grief and fell down on the ground, like a tree with its bottom chopped off.

Valmiki Ramayana, 6–83–10

He literally fainted.

Lord Ram will never forget sita mata.

After the army was settled at the sea-shore, Rama spoke to Lakshmana who was by his side (as follows):

“It is so said that sorrow gets vanished at the passing of time. But my agony of not seeing my beloved is getting increased every day.”

“There is no anguish for me that my beloved is at a distance, nor that she was taken away. Her age is indeed passing away. Only about this, I am repenting.”

Rama ordered everyone to construct a bridge of rocks(which was 100 yojana long and 10 yojans wide) over that 100 yojana ocean to find out Maa Janki. This was the height of Lord Rama’s love for Maa Janki.

With a desire to behold that marvel, celestials along with Gandharvas, the heavenly musicians, Siddhas (semi-divine beings of great purity and perfection, possessing supernatural qualities) and great sages came then and stood up in the sky. The celestials and Gandharvas, the heavenly musicians saw Nala’s bridge, having a width of ten yojanas and a length of hundred yojanas and which was very difficult to be built.

~valmiki Ramayana Yuddha Kanda sarga 22

When Autumn without his beloved burnt him –

When he saw the autumn sky, in his mind, the thoughts of his beloved came to his mind. ‘The beautiful one found delight in the calling of these cranes and her voice was like the calling of a crane. The child used to find delight in the hermitage. How can she find delight now? On seeing the sparkling, blossoming and golden asana trees, how can the child find pleasure, when she cannot see me? Earlier, the one who is beautiful in her limbs, who speaks in a melodious voice, used to wake up to the melodious sounds of geese calling. How will she wake up now? She used to hear the sounds of the chakravakas, which roam around in couples. How is the one with eyes like a white lotus now? Without the doe-eyed one, I find no pleasure in roaming around the lakes, rivers, wells, groves and forests.

When Hanumanji showed Chudamani to Sri Rama –

With Lakshmana, he clutched that jewel to his heart and wept. On seeing that excellent jewel, Raghava was afflicted with grief. With his eyes overflowing with tears, he spoke to Sugriva. ‘A cow is affectionate towards her calf and her affection oozes out.301 On seeing this jewel, that is what is happening with my heart.

Sri Rama expressing his anger on Samudra –

O Lakshmana! Behold. I will mangle the giant snakes, the fish, the trunks of elephants50 and the serpents. In the great encounter today, I will use my arrows to dry up the ocean, with its conch shells, nets of oysters, fish and makaras. This abode of makaras takes me to be someone who is forgiving. He considers me to be incapable. Shame on those who are forgiving towards such people. O Soumitri! Bring me my bow and the arrows that are like virulent serpents. Even if he cannot be agitated, I am angry and will agitate the ocean. The turbulent waves do not cross the shoreline. However, with my arrows, I will make Varuna’s abode cross all boundaries.’

Which Vaidehi is the Remover of all my sadness who am a destitute of Kingdom and surviving in forests on forest produce, such as she, where has she gone, really!

Valmiki Ramayana, 3–64–12b,13a

Though I am distance from my relatives I deemed that princess Sita alone would be an evermore relative of mine. But know that princess alone is unseen I deem that my sleepless nights would be lengthy.

Valmiki Ramayana, 3–64–13b,14a

Whether she is abducted, or even if she is killed, oh, Soumitri, if gods are not going to give back my Sita I will now jeopardize these worlds with my arrows.

Valmiki Ramayana, 3–64–69b,70a

When Hanuman Ji found Shri Sita Ji in the captive of Ravana in Ashoka-Vatika in Lanka, Hanuman tried to console her and said –

“Oh devi Sita! With his mind wholly devoted to you, Shri Rama is not even driving away forest-flies from his body, nor mosquitoes nor insects nor reptiles from his body. He is always lost in Your thoughts, and He is forever engaged in sorrow of Your separation. Shri Rama mostly does not have sleep. Even if that best among men, Shri Rama sleeps, he keeps awake uttering sweet words like “lo! Behold! Sita! Sita!”

Thanks for reading

Edit-I forgot to mention Hanuman Ji informed Mata Sita when he met her that Rama is observing the vow of “chastity” so this is for those who say why Sita did not ask Rama for Agni Pariksha LOL.

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